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 Helper Position

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PostSubject: Helper Position   Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:33 pm

Irl Name: Lindsey

Age: 19

Location: USA

Languages: English, and a little Spanish

What timezone are you in? UTC/GMT -5 hours

Why do you want to become a helper for Safe-Haven?

I have a good vibe about this new server! Knowing that some of us are from another server, that are on the current staff team, i would like to help out as much as i can, on to keeping this server on it's toes!

Why would you make a good helper on Safe-Haven?

I'm easy going with players having trouble! I'm aware of how these environments work, and more then willing to show how it works to better the community, i do listen to community feedback and take notice of what players are asking of me.

Past know-how in dealing with staff positions?

I've been working with multiple staff in other servers, such as [Soulsplit] but I've never been staff myself, although I'm positive i can handle the responsibilities of being a staff member

Your best friend is online, and he/she breaks a few rules, what do you do?

Well, I'd try my best trying to keep him/her from breaking anymore rules, but if my "Friend" does not heed my warnings, i will take it up to the upper staff members, and they can look through it themselves, will valid proof.

Do you have any talents/skills that you could bring to the table that would help Safe-Haven in any way?

I do feel as if i have the qualities of being a leader for the community, and as well as being a good listener, I am responsible very any mistakes i do make, I can make conversation easily, as i do tend to learn new things from people.

Do you have skype? If not are you willing to create a skype account in order to better communicate with other staff? Deathsangel9

Do you understand that we have full authority to terminate your application and or promotion at ANY given time WITHOUT reason? I understand.
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Helper Position
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